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As the Valley News reported last week, police are searching for Austin Colson, 19, of Royalton. He had plans to collect scrap metal during the day on Thursday, Jan. 11. The trailer was later found abandoned on Downer Road in Sharon with these pieces of metal and others inside it. Police are now trying to ID where this metal came from. Anyone with information should contact the Vermont State Police Royalton Barracks at 802-234-9933.

From Vermont State Police: “Police are seeking assistance with identifying any locations where this metal may have been collected from. The scrap most likely was collected during the day on January 11 in the Royalton, Sharon, or immediate surrounding areas. Anyone who can identify some of this material, recalls interacting with Austin Colson that day, or has information about his disappearance is urged to contact the Vermont State Police Royalton Barracks at 802 234-9933.” (VSP photograph)