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Following Dan Mackie’s retirement and a shuffling of rooms around here, photo editor Geoff Hansen and I have been working on converting his old office into an interview room/media palace for quiet meetings and/or audio/video extravaganzas. We even gave it a fresh coat of “looks great on video” gray paint.

So now when you come in for a chat, this will (sometimes) be your view!¬†Amanda gave it a spin during an interview today, so I guess it’s officially open for business. DOESN’T IT MAKE YOU WANT TO DIVULGE ALL OF YOUR DEEPEST, LONGEST-HELD SECRETS?

GEOFF HANSEN! Photo by Maggie Cassidy.

(If you frequent the SoRo Market and are wondering if you recognize that plant … you do! The SoRo Market folks were looking for new homes for a trio of plants last week and were kind enough to give them away for free, so I snagged this one. Thanks, y’all. Billy Joel was playing on the radio when the plant and me were stuffed into my little Yaris on the way back down I-89, so his new name is Bill. Welcome, Bill.)