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I’m heading out on vacation, so I’ll see ya the week of Feb. 5!

Until then, (1) you’re in good hands with Amanda flying solo, and (2) I leave you with “Poupi’s incredible adventures !” by Komiku, which I stumbled across today while searching for public domain music for videos. It’s 70 songs of glory, tagged on the Free Music Archive as folk/soundtrack/chiptune/instrumental, and I am all about it.

From the album description, which goes on for a very long time after this: “It’s the story of Poupi (they/them/their), a cute little non gendered doggo. They know that their is a prophecy that they have to work on, and they can only work on one week before the prophecy is achieved.” Along their adventures, Poupi works with Mister Paillettes (Mister Glitters), a “handsome glitter with a crooner voice,” competes in a dance contest with a gang of alley cats, “chills a bit” with Prince Cheese Burger, and more.

Their Bandcamp is also very good and fun. The only rule for using their music is to not be oppressive.

The Hartland song, The Pilgrims’ new video and now, Poupi. Don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya!

Happy Friday, y’all, and have a good week.