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Roses which will be used in a bouquet of flowers rest in water at a florist work station Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018, at Mark Knox Flowers in Odessa, Texas. (Jacob Ford/Odessa American via AP)

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day on your own, with friends or with your significant others — OR even if you’re anti-Valentine’s and are just looking for something to do on Wednesday — here are some events and general ideas that could be tweaked to fit just about any scenario!

Most of these events are cheap or free, with a cost of $20 per person on the high end!


I’ve never participated in a group meditation before, so maybe I’m getting this all wrong, but my thinking here is that you could meditate on a range of things from ~how much you love your significant other~ all the way over to ~blocking out Valentine’s Day from your mind entirely.~


If sitting still and not interacting with anyone isn’t your thing … then I’m not sure how much you’re gonna like movies. BUT, these ones are pretty good, the showings are cheap (or free!), and they’re a good fit for a date, a group night out, or just chowin’ down on some popcorn yourself!


No, really! But not those bears. This talk is about real-life black bears. Wildlife biologist Ben Kilham, a Lyme resident who frequently graces the pages of the Valley News, presents “The Social Black Bear: What Bears Have Taught Me About Being Human” at the Fireside Inn in West Lebanon.

Previously thought to be solitary, black bears have a type of social behavior that possibly parallels early human behavior. They show evidence of reciprocal altruism, matrilinear hierarchy and a mix of intentional and emotional communication. Bears can live for as much as 40 years, which allows them long-term benefits from forming relationships with fellow cooperators.

Maybe we all can learn a little something about life and love from our bear friends this holiday, beyond “don’t eat trash.”

The talk begins at 2 p.m. Advanced registration is suggested.


Here’s a few items for Wednesday night from the latest weekly edition of Entertainment Highlights:

  • IRISH MUSIC IN NEWPORT: Roger Kahle joins Randy Miller at Salt hill Pub in Newport at 6 for their weekly live session of traditional Irish music.
  • JAZZ PIANO IN WOODSTOCK: Pianist Sonny Saul performs jazz at the On the River Inn in Woodstock from 6 to 9.
  • SAX AND GUITAR IN QUECHEE: Saxophonist Mike Parker plays jazz with guitarist Norm Wolfe at the Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm at 6.


D Acres in Dorchester is hosting a Valentine’s Dinner for $20 a person, but you should RSVP (call 603-786-2366) ASAP! They are welcoming folks who want to come solo, with a friend or with a partner! In other words, just about everybody, except that people who don’t like dinner. It starts at 6 p.m.


Letting you in on a little secret to the best date ever (which can be modified for friends or singles!). This is a go-to for my partner and I when we wanna have a REAL NICE DATE: Get all gussied up (sequins are a good idea), make a sandwich (or buy one somewhere great like Singleton’s Market or Pnomh Penh Sandwich Station if you’re feeling EXTRA super fancy) and have a little indoor picnic somewhere (ur go-to is the HOP lobby).

It just adds a bit of fun to something really simple and cheap, and you can still be home by 8 p.m. 😉


The weather is supposed to be real nice on Wednesday — sunny with a high of 44 degrees in the Lebanon area. BONUS IDEA: Leave your phone at home! I have been doing this lately and 10/10 would recommend.


This one requires a bit of a drive, but Matthew Broussard will be performing two shows in Burlington (7 & 9 p.m.), and $15 tickets are still available.


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