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(It’s pretty easy to prepare … you don’t even need to leave the couch!)

An example of a #sofasoiree post for the upcoming event reads “Comfy Couch? v Stack of Books? v Cute Dog? v Ready to Sofa Soiree? vvv #sofasoiree.” (Courtesy of Emma Wunsch)

From today’s edition of Out and About, which is cross-posted to the Upper Valley Calendar Facebook group:

Support the Lebanon Public Libraries this Sunday without leaving the comfort of your own home — or sofa.


The event asks library patrons from all towns to post on social media — with the hashtag #sofasoiree — about how they use Lebanon Public Library and Kilton Public Library resources, including the audiobooks and films they’ve borrowed and the books they’ve taken out.

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Anyway, I plan to attend this event while listening to my one of my favorite Kinks songs.