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(Richard Tsong-Taatarii/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS)

When Valley News staffer Liz Sauchelli wrote a rant about the proliferation of off-the-wall Oreo flavors last month (red velvet Oreos, birthday cake Oreos, hot chocolate Oreos, blueberry pie Oreos, etc. etc.), I super-duper let her down in my role as web editor, because I didn’t think to make a video where she was forced to taste-test obscene and ridiculous Oreos with four random children.

Luckily, writer Lindy West has delivered just that at the website Jezebel, along with a NSFW rant of her own. A snippet:

Hey, do you love eating Technicolor garbage food that somehow manages to be both bland and cloying!? Are you sick of scraping residue out of the Dumpster behind the lip gloss factory every time you get hungry? Well, get thee to Target! And just a heads-up—they don’t keep the Watermelon Oreos with the regular Oreos, or on an endcap near the registers, or in any place where you might logically look for them. So you will have to ask. A human being. For Watermelon Oreos. In public. With your mouth. On a Tuesday morning.

You can watch and read the whole thing here

And read Liz’s piece again here.