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Geisel School of Medicine student/’Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” contestant Megan Bunnell and her boyfriend Eric Schlobohm on the Dartmouth Green in Hanover. (Courtesy photo)

Hey, it’s Megan from Hanover, N.H.!

The other day we wrote about the mystery Megan after I heard her compete this weekend on the NPR show’s Bluff the Listener segment. (I like the show a lot.)

A friend forwarded her our post, Megan reached out to us by email, and ta-da, now we know Megan Bunnell, the unofficial Upper Valley representative to public radio weekend listeners across the nation.

Megan, who completed her undergraduate education at Dartmouth College in 2013 and is now Geisel School of Medicine ’19, was very kind to answer my questions, and guess what … being a contestant on WWDTM is a bit of a nerve-wracker! Here’s a bit of what Megan shared:

It was pretty much exactly what I expected — except the segment was a lot longer (maybe 3 minutes of banter) and ultimately pared down to just that 🙂


I was definitely a bit nervous about saying something that I would regret on air! I did say that I did NOT want to be a pediatrician, which was disappointing for my pediatrician father, but he already knew that :). (Host Peter Sagal) talks really fast and I think the hardest part was trying to think quickly and respond appropriately … I tried to keep it brief, as you heard!


Generally I think Bluff the Listener is the easiest game but I felt like mine was pretty hard! They gave me a choice about which game to play and I chose that one since I am not as “up” on my current events as I should be.

You can listen to the episode below, or skip right to Bluff the Listener at this link.

*spoiler alert below* (for all the real diehard public radio gameshow fans out there who would appreciate a spoiler alert)

Megan, a self-described “lifelong fan and now finally a contestant/winner,” chose Peter for the voicemail. “Wish Carl Kasell was still around,” she said. “Would have chosen him!”