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Not this kind of New Hampshire rabbit sighting …

​Emmett Hoyt, 2, of South Royalton, #VT, is not yet ready to sit with the Easter Bunny at the pancake breakfast hosted by the Enfield-Mascoma Lioness Club in Enfield, #NH, on Saturday. “We’ve been working on this all morning,” said his mother, Jodi Hoyt, at right, with a laugh. She still remembers the terror of being plopped onto the Easter Bunny’s lap as a kid, “so I didn’t want to force him,” she said. Hoyt tried again a little later, and that time he was ready to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap. Dan Bowlin, of Enfield, was in costume for the event. ? More at www.vnews.com/instagram. Link in profile. ? (Valley News – Jennifer Hauck @hauck45​) #uppervalley #upval #royaltonvt #enfieldnh #vnewsuv #photojournalism #easter #easterbunny #bunny #holiday #celebrate #notsure #skepitcal #saycheese #603 #802 #? #?

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… This one! According to a news release from New Hampshire Fish and Game on Friday, “it’s nesting season for rabbits in New Hampshire, and that means the time is right to submit your rabbit sightings to NH Rabbit Reports at nhrabbitreports.org.”

Photo courtesy New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

“NH Rabbit Reports is a citizen science project sponsored by UNH Cooperative Extension and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, with support from the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire. The project is collecting data, photos, and sighting information to help researchers better understand the distribution and potential abundance of rabbit species in the Granite State.”

(This is the same group Amanda wrote about in October.)

And if you find baby rabbits: Remember, more often than not, they are totally fine and do not need to be moved!

Via Den Herder Veterinary Hospital.

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