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Check out this post that a man named James Trundy Verrill posted on Lucy Mackenzie’s Facebook page, with the animal shelter subsequently shared with its followers.

So excited to have found Peaches. She gets to come to her new forever home this Friday.

TWO “SENIORS” joined together to love and cherish each other from this day forward!……..

She waited over 2 months for me to find her — overlooked and left behind because of her age — 11.5 years (84)

I decided while traveling that I was at a point in life where I should adopt a senior dog. My in concrete criteria were 1.) Female and 2,) Under 20 pounds — beyond that I was open and flexible.

Peaches and I will enjoy whatever time we have together.

And here’s Peaches profile on the Lucy Mackenzie website while she was waiting for James to find her:

Hi! My name is Peaches and I’m an 11-year-old Pomeranian Mix. I look pretty good for 11, don’t I??? My time at Lucy Mackenzie has been like a lovely retreat stay — I’ve had my nails done, my coat has been well clipped, I’ve trimmed my waistline a bit and I’ve even had my teeth done. I’ve been treated like a princess here! As much fun as I’ve had, though, I really can’t wait to find my new home. I love going for my walks and exploring outside. I’ve taken much pride in the weight I’ve lost and intend to stay on my new diet and exercise regimen. I have lived with cats before and like most other dogs I meet, as long as they are nice. Being nice to one another is very important to me and I hope it is to you, too. If you are looking for a very happy-go-lucky senior gal to fill your life with lots of love and smiles, stop in and meet me today!

All the best to James and Peaches. <3

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