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Here is a picture of Jordan Cuddemi (at right) and I in March, when I earned this Very Excellent T-shirt in exchange for joining our Wellness Committee. And now I’ve already lost it! I’m hoping I didn’t accidentally donate it to Listen, which has happened at least three times in the past. So if you find it, please let me know.

Maggie Cassidy and Jordan Cuddemi in March 2018. My shirt and I had a short-lived friendship because I pretty much lost it immediately. (Photo by Geoff Hansen/Valley News.)

Jordan really selling the Wellness angle. Geoff Hansen photograph.

Also, here’s a Gchat between Jordan and me about my loss, edited for ~language~:

MC: i lost my  fit for print shirt
that i worked so hard for
JC: Hahahha
How where
MC: idk dude
that’s how losing something works
For the record, here was my submission for a T-shirt design, which, IMHO, was also great: