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From: Mary Nadeau <vtgram3@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 12:17:58 -0400

The Hartford Historical Society is in the process of identifying the Town
of Hartford’s eldest resident for the presentation of the official Hartford
Cane.  This is our way of recognizing, not only a person’s longevity, but
his or her life experiences and contributions to our community.  Families
of the two previous Cane recipients have shared with us that the experience
was uplifting and joyful.

The honoree is interviewed, and an article is printed in our Society’s
newsletter.  In past years, the Valley News has joined in by running a
piece in their Sunday edition.  The interview may be conducted at the
person’s home or at the Garipay House in Hartford Village. whichever is
more convenient.  Toward the end of summer, a special Hartford Cane
presentation ceremony will be held.

Please help us to find Hartford’s eldest resident by submitting a name and
date of birth to me.  Thank you for your assistance!

Mary Nadeau