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You might remember Lebanon resident Brent Fraser from when he set the world record for using one’s mouth to catch a grape dropped from the greatest height, using a hot air balloon and a team of his coworker-engineer-friends to get the job done.

(Oh, no, you don’t remember that? Well, it was one of my all-time favorite stories to write and videos to produce, so here you go!) 

Brent recorded his second grape-related record in September and was back at it on Storrs Hill Road in Lebanon this past weekend, attempting to set yet another Guinness World Record. And this time, instead of oddly over-sized fruits, it was a baseball. Here’s his report:

I broke my third Guinness World Record (on Sunday) by breaking the previous record of 597 feet by catching the baseball at 629 feet, 8 inches. I attached a picture of my crew in front of the launcher just to show how big the machine was.

Guinness has to review Brent’s submission before it’s ~officially official~ by their standards, but the whole thing is SUPER COOL and good to go in our book.

Here’s some pics he shared; thanks, Brent!

Brent Fraser. (Courtesy photograph)

Brent out for the catch. (Courtesy photograph)

Launch pad. (Courtesy photograph)

The launcher! (Courtesy photograph)