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Photo courtesy N.H. Fish and Game.

A news release from N.H. Fish and Game:

Leave Fawns and Other Young Wildlife Alone


Wildlife has begun giving birth around the state, with the majority of deer fawns in New Hampshire being born in May and June. Each spring, many New Hampshire residents see young wildlife by themselves and fear the worst. Has the mother died? Has she abandoned her baby? The answer in most cases is NO. The mother is likely not far off, waiting to return to feed her newborn.


Unfortunately, well-intentioned, but misguided, individuals see young alone, assume they are abandoned, and take them in to “help” them. Most of the time, they are removing the young from the care of its mother, who was waiting to return. The best chance a young wild animal has to survive is in its natural environment under the care of its mother.

Read the full release, including what to do if you really super totally think a fawn has been abandoned and is endangered, here. (Hint: You still don’t touch the fawn.)

No touchy!