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Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation. 

After weeks spent launching news quizzes, reviewing Kidz Bop songs, monitoring the Upper Valley’s food truck situation, investigating mysterious helicopters and keeping you up-to-date on which ice cream stands are open, we’ve decided to take a little break.

Maggie and I will both be on vacation, starting today, for the next week. But don’t miss us too much — we’ll be back to our usual shenanigans on Monday, June 4.

In the meantime, you can take our latest news quiz (which is a special two-week version!) and see if you can’t score a UV INDEX pin. Winners and runners-up will be announced on Friday, June 8.

You also can poke through our archive and catch up on all the goodies you might have missed.

See you in a week! ?

“BYE!” said Amanda, left, and Maggie.