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Lucky 7 News Quiz No. 8 is open through July 5

UV Index editors Maggie Cassidy and Amanda Newman and their promotional pins in West Lebanon, N.H., on May 2, 2018. (Valley News – Geoff Hansen) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.

Our participation skyrocketed for Quiz No. 7, so let’s keep that going!

HOWEVER, due to some ~suspected tomfoolery~ (*cough* literally Maggie’s husband Chico *cough*) (and also a few other people tbh) we are changing the format of this quiz so that you won’t be able to see the answers until next week.

Here he is, y’all. HERE. HE. IS.

~*~*~* love u bb *~*~*~

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled festivities …


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We’re giving away pins and sticker packs to everybody who aced it plus random “participation trophies” (s/o to the Random Name Picker lol).



  • “AJ” (7 of 7)
  • Richard Laferriere(7 of 7)
  • Joseph Sampsell (7 of 7)
  • CJ Hughes (random winner)

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Q1. According to a Close-Up story, Dr. W. Van Fleet is a _______________.
A. Rambling rose variety.

Q2. When does Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase expect his officers to have body cameras by?
A. Early fall.

Q3. Which Vermont town is Jeff Julian Memorial Vermont Open winner Alex Rainville from?
A. St. Johnsbury. (Orford is in New Hampshire, y’all.)

Q4. Northern Stage is buying a building that has been home to what kind of repair store?
A. Typewriters.

Q5. Recent Hanover High School graduate Lincoln Adam is taking a gap year to do what?
A. Lobster in Maine.

Q6. Which Vermont company recently invested $10 million in modernizing its operation?
A. Vermont Castings.

Q7. What gift did Amanda give to Maggie this week?
A. Unicorn seltzer.


They can find this page at www.vnews.com/lucky7 or uvindex.vnews.com/lucky7.

Amanda says: See ya next week!

Hi, y’all! I’m taking off for a little bit, but I’ll be back late next week to bring you some more Vermontiness and New Hampshireness.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

Um, so there’s a bunch of magma churning beneath us rn

Yeah, that’s right: I said MAGMA.

Y’know, this stuff.

(Yeah, yeah, this is technically lava, but lava is just magma that has broken through the Earth’s crust and escaped, soooo — it’s liquid hot magmaaaaa)

A group of researchers at Rutgers and Yale universities have made a surprising, if not slightly concerning, discovery: A huge pocket of molten magma is brewing directly underneath our feet, spanning multiple New England states, including New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts, according to a recent WMUR report.

Rutgers professor Vadim Levin has the scoop:

“What we found is a material that is warmer than it should be, according to what we understand.”

“It will not make a large supervolcano. It will not break through the surface, not in our lifetime, but it is not supposed to be there, so that is what is fascinating.”


The good news is it’s probably not gonna kill us: It could take millions and millions of years to reach the surface, if it ever does, WMUR reported.

Happy Friday!

Our summer guide is live, plus heat warning this weekend, plus bug spray is your friend

Lebanon residents Danny Ramirez, Meegan Boldue, and Anastasia Lyapina beat Monday’s heat by spending their afternoon at the ledges of a popular swimming hole off True’s Brook Road in Lebanon, N.H., on June 20, 2016. (Valley News – Mac Snyder) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.

The Valley News summer guide is now live, including:

AND MORE! (If you prefer a PDF version of the summer guide, click here.)

Speaking of summertime …

It’s going to be hot hot heat this weekend. Here is a warning from the Norwich town officials:

A prolonged period of dangerously high temperatures and heat index values are expected to impact the Upper Valley. High temperatures will reach 90+ degrees on Saturday, and should continue 90+ degrees through Wednesday (July 4th). The highest temperatures and heat indices are expected Sunday and Monday, with temperatures 95-99F and heat index values above 100 degrees.

Here’s the National Weather Service page for Lebanon, including the current hazardous weather outlook, which says:

A hot and humid air mass will move into the region this weekend,
bringing a prolonged period of high heat and humidity. It is
possible that Heat Advisory criteria (heat index 95 degrees) will be
exceeded for portions of the area as early as Sunday and extending
into next week.

There is the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms to move
into the region from the north Saturday evening and Saturday night.
The primary threat from these storms would be damaging winds.

So when someone tells you to “go jump in a lake” this weekend, they are probably just concerned for your health. Be careful out there, folks!

Oh yeah, and if that’s not enough, one more thing.

Don’t forget the bug spray.