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Greetings, Upper Valley! Hope you had a good week.

We are finally back from vacation … and look at what was waiting for us!

A simulated street stock race car by Mark Creighton on www.iracing.com.

OK, so not really physically waiting for us here at the Valley News, but waiting for us on our Facebook where it was sent to us by UV INDEX reader Mark Creighton (who sometimes sends us photos).

It’s not a real vehicle (that would be BA-NA-NAS) but the simulated street stock car that he drives every day on www.iracing.com!

Mark said he likes UV INDEX so much that he runs our logo on our car, and we are HERE FOR IT. Thank you, Mark!

* * *

UPDATE: More race car action from Mark!!!

Courtesy Mark Creighton.

Courtesy Mark Creighton.