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(CM/Courtesy photograph — BeBop Labs)

New Hampshire researchers are asking residents who find ticks on them to save the tick and submit it ~for science~.

A newly launched project aims to analyze diseases each tick is carrying and use that data to create information that is specific, down to the time and date, about the risk of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. It actually sounds pretty cool, minus the gross ticks.

According to the Concord Monitor, BeBop Labs, run by Plymouth State University biology lecturer Dr. Kaitlyn Morse, is seeking to track ticks by using crowdsourced data. That’s where you come in, friends. Morse asks that if you find a tick — on yourself or otherwise — you mail the tick to her.


Put your tick in a zip-close bag and send it to:

Dr. Kaitlyn Morse
Tick Collection
P.O. Box 183
Ashland, NH 03217

Be sure to include the date, the street address or coordinates where you found the tick, and specifics about how you found it (like on your dog’s leg).

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