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Two of the earliest loon chicks hatched during the 2018 season on a lake in southwestern New Hampshire. Photo courtesy of Brian Reilly.

Via the Loon Preservation Committee:

The Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) reports that loon chicks are hatching on lakes around the state just in time for the July 4th holiday, making them vulnerable to disturbance as human activity increases on the lakes. If you see an adult loon or loon with chicks please make sure to stay at least 150 feet from them so the parents can concentrate on taking care of themselves and their chicks. If the adult shows any signs of distress such as craning its neck low over the water, thrashing about in the water, or vocalizing, please give them more space. Newly hatched chicks are small, dark and cannot easily dive, so please use caution if you are traveling by boat.

Also, DID YOU KNOW that among the Loon Preservation Committee’s YouTube offerings is a live loon cam? Don’t say we never told you nothin’.