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Three cheers for Upper Valley Aquatic Center lifeguards Meredith Boyle and Emily Murphy!

Upper Valley Aquatic Center lifeguards Meredith Boyle, left, and Emily Murphy. (Photo courtesy UVAC)

UVAC said Boyle, 21, of White River Junction, and Murphy, 17, of Lyme, saved a child’s life last week.

The organization is honoring them for a job well done:

It’s not every day that we get to acknowledge our lifeguards for saving a life, yet on Friday they did just that. Meredith and Emily were on deck in the morning when a child suffered a seizure in our lazy river area. Thanks to their training, focus and attention to detail, both were able to react within seconds. They both stayed with the child until paramedics arrived and were praised for their level headed, quick response to a serious situation. Please join us in congratulating these ladies in a job well done! The child was conscious and alert when loaded into the ambulance and what could have been a very disastrous story had a happy ending.

UVAC, of course, is a nonprofit fitness/swimming center in White River Junction, just south of the VA. Boyle has been a UVAC guard for more than three years; Murphy for more than two. Keep it up!