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It is very rude. 

The bench, as seen on Saturday, July 7.

The backstory:

Earlier this year, I wrote about the interesting backstory of this Hanover bench, including that Nick Fabrikant used a “crystal element” in the design in 2013 to pay homage to his parents, who previously ran the Rosey Jekes clothing store.

But when walking by this bench the other day, I noticed that crystal element was missing.

Bench with crystal.

Bench with no crystal.

I reached out to Nick again, and he said the crystal has a habit of going missing.

“Indeed, there is a crystal thief on the loose,” he said in a text. He said he has run it by the Hanover Police and they are “very kind” but he still ends up replacing the crystal about twice a year.

Maybe keep an eye out for this guy?

Hopefully the crystal thief will knock it off soon.

“A crystal is so pure,” Nick said. “In an age of rampant nihilism, the crystal serves as a reminder of unity and universal beauty, that I believe we can all get behind. I really believe that.”

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