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A three-year-old female black bear yawns while waiting for several hours about 50 feet above the ground in a large maple tree in the lawn of the SAE fraternity in Hanover, N.H., on July 14, 2018. The day’s activity from the Prouty and campus tours made the bear nervous to come down, said Hanover Deputy Fire Chief Michael Hinsley. (Valley News – Geoff Hansen) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to permission@vnews.com.


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OK, we have three aces, but I’m a little ~skeptical~ about some of your names. !!! In any case, I guess if a world-class soccer player and/or Romanian politician email me, they can claim their prize.

ALSO, an eagle-eyed quiz taker noticed that I had a date wrong in one of my questions. Wrestlers visited West Leb on July 8, not July 7. We did have six people who scored 6-of-7, but none of them got the wrestling question wrong, so I feel OK about how the final scores sugared out. But ~~~sorry~~~ to all the pro wrestling fans in the house … aka Alex Bullett.

DOUBLE ALSO, see the clarification to the answer for Question 6 below.

And per usual, we’re giving another pin away to one rando (s/o to the Random Name Picker lol).


  • Paul Pogba (really?) (but you’re an ace I guess)
  • Prof. Anton Duckula (really???) (but you’re an ace, too, I guess)
  • Griffin Shumway (you’re ALSO an ace!)
  • Deborah A. White (yay! random winner!)

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Q1. Which Upper Valley farm, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and the 40th wedding anniversary of its owners, is in the process of handing down the reins to the next generation?
A. 4 Corners Farm in Newbury, Vt.

Q2. According to a story in the Sunday Valley News, Thetford is focused on preserving what piece of its history?
A. Covered bridges.

Q3. What group of people was signing autographs in West Lebanon on July 7 July 8?
A. Professional wrestlers.

Q4. Which chemical allegedly is dripping from a Royalton bridge and causing burns to swimmers and tubers on the White River below?
A. Creosote.

Q5. Towns are opposed to a proposal to rename which mountain to its original Abenaki name, Kaskadenak?
A. Mount Ascutney. (The Vermont Board of Libraries board later killed the proposal.)

Q6. In a talk at Dartmouth College, what did Harvard professor Steve Levitsky warn of?
A. The answer we were looking for was “the decline of American democracy,” but that Valley News headline was later clarified: “In a speech at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Dartmouth, Harvard professor Steven Levitsky said American democracy is in jeopardy but that a statistical analysis by a colleague suggested the likelihood of an actual democratic breakdown was very low. An earlier headline to this story incorrectly summarized Levitsky’s argument.”

Q7. Who was caught on video strolling around a lodge in Killington?
A. A bear.


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