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Hold on to your hats, folks — it’s time capsules time!

Royalton Historical Society President and Curator John Dumville reports that two copper time capsules were found in the base of the Handy Memorial on the town green in South Royalton on July 23, when the monument was being dismantled for restoration.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, Aug. 9, when the capsules will be opened on the town green.

Dumville said the capsules will be opened at 6:30 that evening, prior to this season’s final Royalton Town Band Concert.

(In an email to me this afternoon, Dumville said the original plan was for the capsules to be opened in the town office prior to a Selectboard meeting, but the event was moved outside to accommodate a large anticipated turnout.)

Dumville said in a previous Facebook post that he “would have suspected there would be a time capsule in the monument but there is no record of what is in them.”

“Evelyn Lovejoy, who was instrumental in having the monument erected, wrote the 1911 town history which helped to fund the monument and the library,” he said. “It would have been unusual not to have a time capsule and perhaps if you read all the newspapers from the time you might find that capsules were included but not what was put inside. I’ve combed the papers to learn more about the monument but have never discovered who did the actual design and manufacture of it. I (wish) there had been plans but none seem to exist.”

Dumville provided some photos of the discovery, shown below! Thanks so much for sharing, John.

One of the two copper time capsules found in the base of the Handy Memorial on the town green in South Royalton on July 23, 2018. Photo courtesy John Dumville.

The Handy Memorial. The capsules were found in the base of the monument when it was dismantled for restoration. Photo courtesy John Dumville.


You might recall that we are big fans of time capsules over here. Check out my 2015 video on the opening of a 1944 time capsule in Lebanon below, and maybe we’ll see you in Royalton on Aug. 9.