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FILE – In this Oct. 20, 2017, file photo, John Miano of Destin, Fla., holds a monarch butterfly on his fingertip as he waits for the newly tagged insect to take flight during the Panhandle Butterfly House’s Monarch Madness festival in Navarre, Fla.(Devon Ravine/Northwest Florida Daily News via AP, File)

Hey hey hey, all you butterfly-lovin’ babes! 

Check out this PDF, below, that the Hanover Conservancy sent over after the folks there saw our post on monarchs, including a lil’ caterpillar in White River Junction named Chunky!

It’s put together by the Monarch Joint Venture, which describes itself as “a partnership of federal and state agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and academic programs that are working together to protect the monarch migration across the lower 48 United States,” and includes information on best practices for mowing and other handy-dandy information about monarchs.

Through a trail of links, it also led me to this interactive map of monarch sightings across the country. Neato!

You can download the PDF here.