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Wow! This is gonna be quite a sight on Sept. 28, the date of the Zack’s Place golf tournament at Woodstock Country Club. And you have a chance to win up to $5,000, to boot.

According to an email from the Woodstock nonprofit, families and friends of the Zack’s Place community are selling numbered tickets in advance of the tournament, with each number also written on a golf ball. The idea is that a helicopter “comes flying over the Woodstock Country Club and drops all the balls (hopefully 500),” with the closest ball to a pin winning up to $5,000, the second $2,500 and 10 additional balls winning $100.

Also, winning money is super fun and all that, but check out what you’re contributing to: All of the proceeds are going to help build a safer wheelchair-accessible entrance to Zack’s Place, a community center for people with special needs. Any extra money will be used to replace the roof on the Zack’s Place building, according to the email.

Zack’s Place is trying to sell 500 tickets, and they are $50 each. Click here to buy a golf ball online.

Zack’s Place Golf Ball Drop flyer.

I have had the pleasure of being part of coverage of the organization a few times over the years, including at their 2016 Turkey Trot (registration for 2019 is open, btw) and 2017 prom.