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Lewiston. ???

A colleague recently asked me why Google Maps appears to include a town called Lewiston on the Connecticut River between Norwich and Hanover.

Maybe that’s something that y’all know off the top of your head, but I had no idea. So I put it on the back burner to investigate later …

… until this morning, when the Norwich Historical Society emailed the answer, unprompted, directly into my inbox. (Request to the journalism gods, please make all investigations this easy going forward, thx.)

The email.

Indeed, the Norwich Historical Society is hosting a walking tour Sept. 9 of Lewiston, which is not so much a dubious underwater town as it is Norwich’s “ghost hamlet” that was flattened to make way for the interstate in the 1960s.

Via the historical society:

This tour takes you right into the past to the site of the former hamlet of Lewiston which was part of the town of Norwich and located on the Vermont side of the Ledyard Bridge. The houses and shops that comprised Lewiston were bulldozed in 1967 to make way for the new I-91 interchange and the road into town was re-routed. The tour explores the old route from Norwich to Lewiston and includes a visit to the railroad station.

As reporter Matt Hongoltz-Hetling said, “Ahhhhhh. Google includes ghost towns. That explains everything.”

If you’re interested in attending the tour, which starts at 1:30 that Sunday afternoon, click here to RSVP.