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The last two pins!

Breaking news … if my math is right, we are down to our last two pins!

However, we still have about a dozen pins that have not been claimed by Lucky 7 News Quiz winners. So, here’s what it all means …

1. If you want to win one of these remaining pins, you have until the end of Thursday to try your hand at Quiz No. 17, online now at uvindex.vnews.com/lucky7!

2. If you have won a pin but haven’t responded to our emails (or, if you did not give your email address in the first place, and haven’t reached out to us) you have until Sept. 17 to email us at uvindex@vnews.com or message us on Facbook. At that point, we will find a ? and ? way to dole them out.

Here are all the winners of quizzes 1-16. If your name is one here and you haven’t gotten a pin, talk to us!

1 Kelly Hyson
1 Celeste Pfeiffer
1 Gigi Martin
1 Melanie Benzel
2 Brent Fraser
2 Ann Sharfstein
2 Hayden Smith
2 Corinne Girouard
3 Jeff Silverstein
3 Carol Greene
3 Ginni Balch
4 Natalie Smith
4 Dana O’Neill
4 Sue Crislip
5 Lucas Devries
5 Brian Benkel
5 Dee Roberts
6 “AJ”
6 Gabe B-T
6 Rich Kearney
7 “AJ”
7 Richard Laferriere
7 Joseph Sampsell
7 CJ Hughes
8 Brian Benkel
8 Rebecca Bailey
8 Allan Leeson
9 Harry Kane
9 Steve Becker
9 Michael Waterman
10 Paul Pogba
10 Drew Peberdy
10 Griffin Shumway
10 Deborah A. White
11 Griffin Shumway
11 Ginni Balch
11 Cathleen Carroll
11 Alice Jones
11 Dave Foster
12 Peter Cole
12 Camden White
13 Alex Bullett
13 Kelsey O’connor
14 Lucinda Walker
14 Karen Zook
15 Kris Karlson
15 Patty McIlvaine
15 Kiel Alarcón
16 Brian Benkel
16 Jennifer Evelyn
16 Kate MacLam
16 Joel Teenyanoff