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We showed up for the Vermont late crowd, and we’re here for you, too, our dear New Hampshire “why do today what you can do tomorrow” posse. 

The thing about a state primary, though, is that it’s one day only, so if you’re planning on voting, you gotta get out there today.

NHPR is on top of things with their voter guide, telling you what this whole shebang is all about, including who can vote, how to vote, where to vote and what your ballot will look like.

Here’s our story about Democratic gubernatorial nominees Molly Kelly and Steve Marchand debating each other at Dartmouth College. (Incumbent Chris Sununu is not being challenged on the Republican ballot.)

We also covered a debate between Democrats Marcie Hornick and Natch Greyes, who are running for Grafton County attorney. (There is no Republican challenger.)

For U.S. Congress, Democratic Rep. Annie Kuster is not being challenged from within her party, but there is a slate of six candidates on the Republican side who hope to take her seat: Stewart I. Levenson, Jay Mercer, Steven Negron, Brian Belanger, Gerard Beloin, Lynne Blankenbeker and Robert Burns.