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Pin winner Steve Becker, who aced Quiz No. 9, sent us an email alerting us that he has hidden a goodie for the geocachers of the Upper Valley (and visitors from beyond).

“Thought it would be fun,” Steve said, “to share the L-UV! Get it?….Hello?…. Is this thing on?…(crickets).”

That’s all the clues you get. You can try to find it through the ~official geocaching methods~ and of course, please let us know if you do!


This is pretty much the last call for folks who have not claimed their pins to get on that! The deadline to get in touch with us is this upcoming Monday, Sept. 17, which coincidentally is also Constitution Day apparently, according to my desk calendar, so there’s that.


Did you know that our pins are versatile and can also be used as tiny sunglasses for inanimate objects? This is important information and should make you want one even more than you already do.

Fly like … a hawk … wearing UV sunglasses!