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The Associated Press posted this video last week, when we were on hiatus, so we are sharing it now. Kiah Morris, Vermont’s first black female legislator, stepped down earlier this year:

After she won the Democratic primary for re-election to the state Legislature in 2016, someone tweeted a cartoon caricature of a black person at her, along with a vulgar phrase rendered in ebonics. The tweeter threatened to come to rallies and stalk her, Morris said. She won a protective order against him but once that expired, the harassment continued, she said.


The harassment escalated into a break-in while the family was home, vandalism and death threats seen by her young son. Even after she announced she wouldn’t seek re-election, despite running unopposed, a group of youths pounded on her windows and doors at night, forcing her and her husband, convalescing after heart surgery, to leave town.


Finally, in late September, she resigned.

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In this Oct. 3, 2018, photograph, Kiah Morris, a former Vermont state representative, discusses threats and harassment she’s faced, during an interview in Bennington, Vt. Morris, the only black woman in the Vermont legislature, has resigned. (AP Photo/Lisa Rathke)

In August, Vermont Democratic gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist, who is transgender, said she was getting a steady stream of death threats. And in recent days, reports have emerged that Vermont State Police are investigating a letter that threatened physical and sexual violence against a female Republican candidate from Colchester for the Vermont House of Representatives.