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Vermont Democratic gubernatorial challenger Christine Hallquist, left, and Republican Gov. Phil Scott will face off in the November general election. (AP Photo, File)

A Norwich tipster told us, and a TBS publicist confirmed: A crew from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was at the Norwich Farmers Market this past Saturday, asking folks about the gubernatorial race between Republican incumbent Phil Scott and Democratic challenger Christine Hallquist.

Samantha Bee herself wasn’t there, the Norwich resident said. Instead, a correspondent was interviewing patrons, along with a crew of seven people, give or take.

The TBS publicist, Angela Char, did not response to additional questions, including when the segment might air.

Bee is a former long-time The Daily Show correspondent who has had her own satirical late-night news show since 2016.

Here’s her most recent Full Frontal clip available on YouTube.

Assuming the clip makes it to air, it will be the second time that Vermont gets some kind of satirical treatment on national TV recently.

In case you missed it, this was a Saturday Night Live¬†skit on the show’s final September episode: