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Never doubt the power of a petition, people.

So many travelers and commuters were thoroughly outraged by the placement of a Christmas tree and a wreath on the Holland Tunnel’s New Jersey entrance — where a tree was haphazardly installed over the “N” in “Holland” instead of over the “A” and a wreath was put over the “U” in “Tunnel” — that they started a petition. On Tuesday, they prevailed: The tree and wreath will be moved to a more logical location (that is, to the letters they more closely resemble, and in the case of the wreath, it will come down entirely). The New York Times has the story:

“More than 80 percent voted for change, so change there will be,” Rick Cotton, the agency’s executive director, said in a news conference outside the tunnel’s entrance.
The agency will also remove one of the wreaths from the U in “Tunnel,” where it obscured the letter, essentially turning it into an O, effectively making the sign read “HOLLAAD TONNEL.”