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UV INDEX is a (mostly) Upper Valley-oriented collection of digital snippets — breaking news, offbeat tidbits, videos, memes and more — curated by Valley News web editor Maggie Cassidy and night editor Amanda E. Newman.

Sometimes serious, sometimes very much not, think of the Index as the Valley News‘ quirky younger cousin, or the social media feed for a couple of Valley News editors who spend a lot of time online, or all the news that’s not quite fit to print — but is still worth a nod and a high-five.

Got something we should know? Email us at uvindex@vnews.com.





MAGGIE CASSIDY is the web editor at the Valley News, where she came on board as a news reporter in 2012. She has been working in newsrooms, from The Boston Globe to The Molokai Dispatch, for more than a decade. You can find her at the snack table or email mcassidy@vnews.com.

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AMANDA E. NEWMAN is a night editor at the Valley News, where she also serves as the editor of Enterprise, its quarterly business magazine. She considers herself the office authority on buffalo chicken, lipstick and fonts (not necessarily in that order). She can be reached at anewman@vnews.com.

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