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3. Winners & answers from No. 17

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  • Ace Kim Souza — glad to see you got the question about the Hartford Selectboard decision right! 🙂
  • Random winner Jeffrey Egner, who tallied an admirable 6-for-7

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Q1. Lebanon Mayor Sue Prentiss said she’s “very optimistic” and that “this is the furthest I’ve seen a conversation get” about what initiative?
A. Rehabilitating the Westboro Rail Yard.

Q2. An estimated 20,000 Vermonters who fall into what category have been negatively affected by a change to the state’s income sensitivity program?
A. House rich, cash poor.

Q3. A 9-year-old from Quebec was photographed blowing bubbles where?
A. Montshire Museum of Science.

Q4. Which Upper Valley golf course was recently purchased by a Connecticut couple?
A. Montcalm Golf Club in Enfield.

Q5. The Hartford Selectboard has agreed to pursue a $1 million grant to aid what entity?
A. The Village at White River Junction.

Q6. The owners of Blue Loon Bakery in New London previously worked for what organization?

Q7. What kind of dog costume was NOT included in a video of dogs on parade in Woodstock?
A. Batman.