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Fact: This N.H. nonprofit’s CEO is cooler than your CEO

Someone call Ellen Degeneres: Lady’s got moves.

Community Action Partnership of Strafford County CEO Betsey Andrews Parker gets her groove on in a viral lip-sync video set to the Pointer Sisters’ Jump . (Side note: How cute is the giggle by the woman in the black sweater on the bus?!) New Hampshire Public Radio reports Andrews Parker filmed the performance in one take in Dover, N.H.

The video is a preview for the fourth Annual Strafford County Lip Sync Battle, a charity event sponsored by CAPSC and scheduled for Nov. 17 at Dover High School. As of my writing this post, the video had 280,000 views on Facebook.

Don’t freak out if you see some fighter jets in the air over New Hampshire on Wednesday

No need to panic if you catch a glimpse of the planes — it’s all good, just some Air Force drills. (Kinda cool, actually.)

Attn: Meterorite *not* to blame for massive fire in Woodstock, N.H.

Just in case there was any doubt. We like to set the record straight, and so do our friends at the Concord Monitor.

A brush fire that ignited on Tuesday morning in Woodstock, N.H., has now burned more than 20 acres, according to The Associated Press. Crews still are working to extinguish the flames, but that effort could take several days.
The cause of the fire remains unclear, but one popular theory was that it had been caused by a meteor. While that sounds totally wild (and kind of how the apocalypse starts, tbh), it’s highly unlikely and also probably not true in this case, per science.

This N.H. tiny house company wants to help people live large

The houses may be small, but the demand for such spaces is big — and getting bigger.

Henniker, N.H.-based home construction company Tiny Living Spaces is a young operation that specializes in building mobile tiny homes “you can actually live in,” according to builder Seth Murdough. Our sister paper The Concord Monitor recently did a feature story on the company and one of the tiny houses it’s currently working on. Check it out below.

Corey Lewandowski accused of threatening his N.H. neighbors

Ex-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski currently is embroiled in a battle with his New Hampshire property neighbors, who say he’s made their life a living hell.

Last week, Windham, N.H., residents Glenn and Eileen Schwartz countersued Lewandowski, alleging Lewandowski threatened and bullyed them in an attempt to gain access to their lot. Lewandowski sued the couple in July, accusing them of blocking access to a path to one of his properties, according to The Daily Beast.

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