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Watch APD’s new multi-specialty clinic building come to life in a time lapse video

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital’s new building is scheduled to open next month. The time lapse starts around the 1:20 mark.

Here’s a Valley News story from 2015 about the building proposal and why APD officials said they were pursuing it. In part:

Currently, outpatient services “are really scattered around our campus,” (CEO Sue Mooney) said. During a visit, a patient may have go to three or four different locations to get X-rays, laboratory tests and other services, she added.

“We think (the new clinic is) going to be a much better experience for the patient,” Mooney said.

Blood drive at Alice Peck Day on Wednesday

Details, from the Alice Peck Day events page:

American Red Cross Blood Drive 
12 to 5 p.m. in the Dwinell Room at Harvest Hill
23 Alice Peck Day Drive, Lebanon, N.H.
By Appointment or Drop-in
October 4 and October 18
November 1, 15 and 29
December 13 and December 27
Map of APD (see building E)

Hundreds of people — including our own Jeralyn Darling, a Valley News night editor and former Upper Valley resident who now works for the paper remotely from Las Vegas — lined up to donate blood in that city following the horrifying shooting attack that killed 59 people at a concert. Lifehacker points out:

One simple way to help in the wake of a tragedy is to donate blood. Even if you aren’t near Las Vegas, blood banks and hospitals network together to get supplies where they need to go. Donating now (or in the coming weeks) will help get more blood to the people who need it. …


You can still help if you are in another part of the country; your blood might not make it all the way to Las Vegas, but it can go to a hospital near you, freeing up supplies somewhere else.

Plus, donating blood helps whether or not there is an acute need in the wake of a tragedy like this shooting. So, consider it if you can.

Alice Peck Day Hospital lays off 17 workers

Seventeen people lost their jobs today when Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital closed its patient accounts department in favor of outsourcing to the Maryland-based Chappelle Group, the hospital announced in a news release. Read more.

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