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Baby snapper staring contest

This Instagram post from the Montshire Museum of Science is from Oct. 30, but still just as cute today!


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Staring contest? Game on! #turtletaunt #dontthreatenmewithagoodtime

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If you are into whale snot and drones, then boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you

Photo credit: Christian Miller. Courtesy of the Hanover Conservancy.

Mark your calendars for Thursday (that’s tomorrow!) at 7 p.m. at the Hanover High School auditorium.

The Hanover Conservancy is hosting an event called “Whales & Tales From the Ocean Alliance,” and here’s the description:

Iain Kerr, CEO of the Ocean Alliance, will be sharing stories and footage from his whale research expeditions around the world. The Ocean Alliance recently helped develop a specialized drone to help monitor whale health, and Iain is planning to bring one of these “SnotBots” with him. There are some amazing videos of the SnotBots in action and a good write-up on Ted Ideas.

There’s also this video of a SnotBot in action:

The event is FREE and open to all ages.

Here’s the event poster:

Hitchhiking Strafford butterfly thumbing for a southbound ride to warmer skies

Mark Chute and Anita Onofrio, of Strafford, recently posted this on the listserve, which I am sharing here with their permission:

Hello neighbors,


We have a just emerged monarch butterfly that needs a lift to N.Y., New Jersey or farther south. It is too cold for her now to leave from here so
she needs help getting to Mexico. If you are heading south in the next couple of days and you can help please e-mail (mark.w.chute@gmail.com) or call 765-4507.

(Thanks to Calendar editor Liz Sauchelli, author of the Out & About columns, for the heads up!)

Mark told me that their post turned up a ride for the butterfly that would depart on Saturday, but ideally they are looking to send her on her way sooner than that. If you could be a monarch chauffeur, let them know!

Here’s a picture of a monarch, but not the monarch. 

FILE – In this Oct. 20, 2017, file photo, John Miano of Destin, Fla., holds a monarch butterfly on his fingertip as he waits for the newly tagged insect to take flight during the Panhandle Butterfly House’s Monarch Madness festival in Navarre, Fla.(Devon Ravine/Northwest Florida Daily News via AP, File)


Baby snap-snaps at the Montshire (and Maggie’s Upper Valley snapper stories)

Calendar Editor Liz Sauchelli devotes today’s Out & About column to the baby snapping turtles who recently hatched at the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich. And they are really cute little dino-looking mini-beasts!

Lorenz Rutz, exhibits assistant and live animal care specialist at the Montshire Museum of Science, holds a days-old snapping turtle. (Courtesy photo)

As of publication, eight had been hatched, and the Montshire reports that one more has cracked out of its shell.

Liz has all the deets.

In the meantime, here are my two Upper Valley snapping turtle stories:

ONE. In my first few months here, in 2012, I banded together with a random group of passersby to help a snapping turtle cross Route 5 in Norwich near King Arthur Flour. At first (in what was, in retrospect, an Obvious Mistake) I just tried to pick up the turtle from the middle of the street, and the thing basically back-flipped off the ground and nearly shredded my face off, so I learned that lesson pretty quickly. Ultimately we used a random shopping basket and umbrella from the back of my car along with somebody’s ski pole to ferry the turtle across the way. It was one of my first very Upper Valley experiences™.


Go free, Dr. Snaps, which is what I just named you right now.

TWO. Here is a dramatic reenactment of a scene from this summer involving me and a snapping turtle in Enfield’s Cole Pond, when neither of us knew the other one was trying to lay out on a sunny rock and she walked headfirst into my toe.