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Check out this beautiful music video featuring an Upper Valley animator’s work

Yayyyy, Bona! It’s so beautiful!

Animator Bona Bones, who has graced the pages of the Valley News and UV INDEX a number of times, did the animation work for the music video for “Over The Moon,” a single by the Los Angeles-based psychedelic soul band The Marías.

This is the same video that Valley News features writer David Corriveau let you know about last month, before it was released. It’s been on YouTube since last Friday and already has more than 40,000 views!

And, jussayin, four of them in the last 12 minutes are from me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A still image from Bona Bones’ stop animation video for “Over the Moon,” a song by the Los Angeles band The Marias. (Courtesy Bona Bones)


Dartmouth filmmaker’s animation project is getting close to being finished

White River Junction filmmaker Bona Bones is working on a short stop-motion animated film about her father’s boyhood in Alameda, Calif. (Courtesy Bona Bones)

Check out these videos posted on Instagram the other day by Bona Bones:

??? #stopmotion #timelapse #stopmo #animation #puppet #cartoon

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#stopmotion #stopmo #animation #puppet #cartoon #timelapse

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You might recall that we wrote about Bona way back in February when she was fundraising for this project. The final product is expected to clock in at 8 minutes — and at one hour of animating per one second of animation, it’s a long process!

Bona, a friend of mine, has also appeared here on these digital pages a few times. Follow her progress on Instagram @bonadona.

Cartoon School grad interviews Dartmouth animator about being a camgirl

And the results are pretty great!

Cartoonist Kazimir Lee, who graduated from the Center for Cartoon Studies a few years ago and recently departed White River Junction for NYC, interviewed Bona Bones, the Dartmouth College animator who crowdsourced funding for her upcoming 7-minute stop-motion film, about Bona’s work as a camgirl.

Read more at Oh Joy Sex Toy, where the comic was published. Kaz produces comic journalism on a range of topics, from police abuse of trans women in Malaysia to the stories of immigrants in Vermont.

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Lil buds.

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It’s finally starting to look like something. #stopmo #dartmouth #stopmotion #animation

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Remember when we talked to stop-motion animator Bona Bones about her in-the-works short film, The 3rd of July?

“It takes one hour of animating to get one second of animation,” Bones said. “I’m sure there’ll be a lot of sleepless nights ahead.”

Well, it’s moving right along. Check out some of her progress in her IG posts above, and check out a preview she made of the film for her (now funded) Kickstarter below.