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The latest episode of Brave Little State is required listening for Upper Valley residents

What’s the difference between Vermont and New Hampshire? Blobs and folds.

OK, so, that’s an over-simplification that probably doesn’t make any sense if you’re not a geologist or if you haven’t listened to the latest episode of Brave Little State, a Vermont Public Radio podcast.

Their latest episode, by Angela Evancie and Henry Epp — “How Has The Geology Of Vermont Affected Its Character?” — is perfect for Upper Valley listeners, as it features White River Junction’s own Chuck Wooster (of Hartford Selectboard and Sunrise Farm fame) and, by focusing on the differences between Vermont and New Hampshire, plays into our friendly little cross-state rivalry.

Plus, it’s super enlightening and informative (bringing us back to the blobs and the folds). When you’ve got half an hour to spare, take a listen.


Image via Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation/Agency of Natural Resources. Click here for more.

Vermont’s brave little podcast gets a nod from the Smithsonian

Their episode on why Vermont is so overwhelmingly white is a good one, featuring lots of Upper Valley voices speaking on an important issue that has risen to the fore here lately.