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Tonight: The Woolen Mill Comedy Club hosts a 3rd anniversary party

From yesterday’s Valley News:

Collen Doyle opened the Woolen Mill Comedy Club on the first floor of the Bridgewater Mill complex in December 2014, mostly for selfish reasons.


“At the time, I started it as a necessity to perform, myself, locally,” Doyle recalled this week. “There was very little comedy being performed in the state.”

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Collen Doyle, founder of the Woolen Mill Comedy Club in Bridgewater, Vt., is throwing an anniversary party for the venue on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017. (Courtesy photograph)

After devastating studio break-in, supporters rallying around transgender Vermont artist as she rebuilds

Paedra Bramhall’s studio in Bridgewater is seen following break-ins earlier this month. Photo courtesy Paedra Bramhall.

Friends of artist Paedra Bramhall, 75, are working to raise $15,000 toward the restoration of her Bridgewater studio after they say it was “viciously vandalized and burglarized” during break-ins earlier this month.

A GoFundMe for Bramhall has raised about $1,400 so far. Click here for the GoFundMe.



The incidents, twice to the same studio, were discovered Sept. 9 and Sept. 11, according to a write-up put together by Bramhall and her friend, Anna West, which West sent to me after I reached out about the break-in. The GoFundMe drive was started by Madalyn Tanner and then West jumped in to keep it on track and to take the details off Bramhall’s shoulders.

From the write-up:

All of the electrical wires and most of the light fixtures were ripped from the ceilings and walls and the burners were stolen from the furnace. Paedra’s tools were stolen and, most devastatingly, some of Paedra’s stunning and irreplaceable art work in glass was destroyed. Paedra was unable to afford insurance on her studio, as it was too costly to insure while the furnaces were running.  Paedra’s income is limited to social security. Whatever she earns from her art sales goes back into the cost of art supplies.


Photo courtesy Paedra Bramhall.

Bramhall describes herself as a male-to-female transgender artist who has been “out and proud for more than 20 years.”

Her work can be seen here and here. Again, from the write-up she wrote with West:

A beautiful and important part of (Bramhall’s) artistic quest focuses on the sexuality of being female. She has been a full time producing artist in Bridgewater since graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1970. She has worked comfortably in a wide array of media from paper to glass to bronze to digital. Her widely collected blown art glass INTERIORS are like no other glass created by any other artist. She has created small to large scale bronze sculptures, that took years to complete. Paedra has worked on paper and most recently in digital media.


Paedra’s lifelong commitment to following her vision has often meant choosing to live on the financial edge. Her art is her life. And now she needs your help to make it possible to put her studio back into working order. ANY AMOUNT is tremendously appreciated! Paedra thanks you from her whole being!!!


Photo courtesy Paedra Bramhall.


Organizers were originally trying to raise $12,000, but increased the amount to $15,000 today after discoveries of more loss and damage:

We cannot thank you all enough for your generous support! We want to let you know that today, Paedra discovered that the starter/alternator to her diesel generator was also stolen and more wires were cut. Paedra uses this generator for electricity in her glass shop and to run the annealing ovens. She has placed a call to a generator service company and is getting estimates for new parts. Due to this new discovery of theft and damage we have encouraged Paedra to increase her fundraising goal. We wanted to be sure to explain the reason for the increase. Thank you again, one and all, for your generosity!

In a separate email, Bramhall thanked her friends and folks who have donated.


“Without Madalyn starting this on her own and without Anna’s tireless and continuing effort, I would still be in shock and at square one,” Bramhall said. “It is because of these two dear friends, each in their own way, that things are moving forward in the fundraising and in my having a bit of space to come to terms with this invasion. I give this personal public THANK YOU to each of them. I would also like to than Jeremiah and Jill for their generous efforts in helping me to begin the clean-up of my studio.”