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Sorry for being a little bit quiet over here lately; we have been dealing with some ~news~


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Yes, as my partner here pointed out the other day, it’s true, I am taking on this new challenge. (Thanks so much, Amanda!)

So yeah, apologies for going MIA for a while but we’ve some ch-ch-changes going on over here and will do our best to update UV INDEX as much as we can as we handle ’em. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support.

Oh yeah …

And one more thing …

Thanks for the chips!

#tbt to the Jeralyn 2000, when we beamed in an editor onto a laptop on a lazy Susan

Night desk editor Jeralyn Darling, who formerly lived in the Upper Valley but now lives on the other side of the country, works for the Valley News remotely. But two years ago, on election night, we beamed her into the newsroom via the Jeralyn 2000, which was HAND-BUILT by me using:

  • a Google Chromebook
  • an old bulletin board
  • a lazy Susan
  • a pile of old newspapers

Tonight in Randolph: Hear Valley News photojournalists talk about their craft

Happening at the Chandler Gallery tonight at 7: “Community Journalism; Working With a Photography Team,” a photographers’ roundtable hosted by Valley News photo editor Geoff Hansen and chief photographer Jennifer Hauck in conjunction with “A Second Look,” a look back at Herald of Randolph photographer Bob Eddy’s work.

Jennifer Hauck, left, and Geoff Hansen. (Valley News photographs)