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Kansas won’t let this dog run for governor

The Hill on Tuesday reported that a dog who recently tried to launch a gubernatorial campaign was informed he is not eligible to run because he is a dog, which, rude.

According to the article, Hutchinson, Kan., resident Terran Woolley entered Angus, his 3-year-old wire terrier, in the governor’s race after “news reports surfaced that the state does not have requirements governing who can run for the office.”

The state, however, quickly stepped in and ended Angus’ political career before it even began.

“A dog will not be allowed to file and put its name on the ballot,” said Bryan Caskey, director of elections for the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office.

How dare you squash his hopes and dreams like that, Kansas?! He is clearly a very good boy.

Twitter users were understandably outraged by the news.