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Montpelier resident says someone posted fake FCC comments under her name

A Montpelier resident claims her name was used by an imposter to post fake statements about her net neutrality opinions on the Federal Communications Commission’s website.

Irene Racz told VtDigger she herself supports current net neutrality rules, a stance that is contrary to comments attributed to her name on the FCC’s public comments website. She says she didn’t write the comments posted on the FCC site.

“I was shocked and dismayed that comments allegedly written by me and misrepresenting my views were submitted to the FCC without my knowledge or consent,” the retired communications expert said. “In an era of ‘fake news,’ any public agency relying on phony comments to make decisions affecting all Americans is nothing more than ‘fake government.’”
Racz said she got a call this week from Christopher Curtis of the Vermont Attorney General’s Office. “I was told when I got the call that there were quite a few people affected,” Racz said. “He asked me, ‘Did you submit a comment?’ I said no,” she said.

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