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Free pie on Friday at Gardener’s Supply!

Gardener’s Supply Co., which came to Lebanon earlier this year, is celebrating its ninth anniversary of 100 percent employee ownership with free pie for customers (the best way to celebrate, tbh).

The pie extravaganza also is an annual solstice tradition, according to Gardener’s Supply — the winter solstice is Friday, marking it as the shortest day of the year.

Get yer pie by visiting the company’s garden centers on Friday at in Lebanon.

UV INDEX stickers gettin’ stuck and stickin’

We still have a free stack by the Valley News front desk. Here are some that are out and about in the world!


Thank you, Roger!!

Lappy tappy. Thanks, Paul!


Possibly the most Vermont guitar ever. Thanks, Matt.


As seen at the Main Street Museum. Thanks, Graham!


Valley News staff writer David Corriveau.

And, last but not least, me.


UV INDEX stickers! If you head on over to the Valley News front desk, you can get a sticker to stick on whatever you heart desires

How’s that for a headline? Thanks to Amanda, we’ve got a whole bunch of them to give away.

  • Alternatively, if you don’t want to come to the newsroom and you see either of us out and about, we’re happy to hook you up.
  • Also, if you’re a business that is interested in hosting a sticker free pile, please email me at mcassidy@vnews.com.

UV INDEX stickers.

A picture of UV INDEX stickers at the front desk of the Valley News.

A picture of UV INDEX stickers at the front desk of the Valley News.

? Alert: You can work out for free today at the CCBA

In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, the Carter Community Building Association in Lebanon is inviting everyone to enjoy all it has to offer fo’ free today (Wednesday, Sept. 27).

If you head on down to the Witherell Recreation Center, located at 1 Taylor St., you can use the pool, weight rooms, treadmills, racquetball/tennis/basketball courts, or take an exercise class, regardless of whether you have a membership. The CCBA also is offering special one-day membership deals (read: discounts).

The offer ends at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday.