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Read this bonkers story about a guy who is almost definitely being haunted by a not-so-friendly ghost

This is probably one of the craziest, freakiest things I’ve ever read. Buckle up, because IT IS A ROLLER COASTER, y’all.

New York illustrator Adam Ellis’ Twitter account has taken social media by storm in recent days. Since early August, Ellis has been tweeting about the supernatural experiences he’s been having in and near his apartment, all of which seem to involve a ghostly being named “Dear David.” Things have only continued to escalate, and Ellis’ attempts to rid himself of the apparent spirit seem to have backfired in a major way.

“So move out, Adam!” you scream at this webpage.

Welp, as much as he’d love to, things have gotten so weird that Ellis is afraid the spirit will follow him if he moves out. People in his replies and mentions seem to agree that at this point, the ghost likely is attached to him, not his apartment.

But I’ll let him tell the whole story.

To help get you up to speed, Ellis has compiled the bulk of his tweets, photos and videos into a Storify (below). But for the FULL experience, head over to his Twitter and scroll down to around Aug. 16, which is where the Storify drops off, and read the tweets and watch the videos. (You’ve been warned. Ish is insane.)

Pro tip: Don’t read this at night, esp if you actually wanna go to sleep afterward. (FTR, I read it first thing in the morning, and the hair on the back of my neck still stood on edge when I watched his most recent videos. Again, you’ve been warned.)