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A very good set of pictures by the Howe Library staff on Instagram.

(That’s @howelibrary.)

And the original photo on our own Instagram.

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Donlon Wade, of #CanaanNH, holds an anti-pipeline banner with Patricia Greene, also of Canaan, as about 50 supporters gather for a rally on the steps of City Hall in #LebanonNH on Wednesday evening. Petitions against Liberty Utilities’ proposed West Lebanon natural gas plant and pipeline were presented after the rally to the City Council. “It’s our futures that are most in jeopardy,” said Celia Barnett, a Lebanon High School junior who collected 115 signatures at school. The other petition circulated by the group Sustainable Lebanon collected 1,059 signatures of Lebanon residents. Following 40 minutes of public input at the start of the City Council meeting, Mayor Sue Prentiss said the council would discuss the issue at its next meeting. (Valley News – Geoff Hansen @geoff_hansen) #uppervalley #upval #vnewsuv #photojournalism #protest #rally #pipeline #lebnh #naturalgas #skeleton #october #603 #?

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Howel the owl made a trip to Boston to see work by Takashi Murakami

We love owls and Howel the owl in particular! He’s so ~adventurous~ and we hope he enjoyed the Murakami exhibition at the MFA.

Also, thanks for the shoutout, Howe Library! Click here to read the full story.