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John Mayer attempts to edit ‘The Huffington Post’, fails

Best to leave it to the pros, but an A for effort regardless!

Singer/musician John Mayer posted an Instagram story earlier this week attempting to correct a Huffington Post headline.

He was then gently corrected by numerous editors and reporters, who informed him that using figures for numbers actually *is* OK in a headline. (AP style, y’all. Learn it. Love it.)

Mayer took it in stride, gracefully admitting defeat in a reply and in a short thread of his own creation.

But hey, at least he’s reading!

Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon return to ‘Camp Winnipesaukee’

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have reunited for another round of “Camp Winnipesaukee,” a sketch the pair has been doing for years.

In the latest installment, campers Timberlake and Fallon sing 4 Non Blondes’ much remixed song What’s Up?. They’re soon joined by Keegan-Michael Key, who plays a counselor, and Billy Crystal, a camper from a nearby camp who shows up to sing Gloria Estefan’s Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.

Watch the sketch above.