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Public service announcement: Stop stealing photos, please and thanks

A brief lesson in how to not steal, by yours truly.


Tonight in Randolph: Hear Valley News photojournalists talk about their craft

Happening at the Chandler Gallery tonight at 7: “Community Journalism; Working With a Photography Team,” a photographers’ roundtable hosted by Valley News photo editor Geoff Hansen and chief photographer Jennifer Hauck in conjunction with “A Second Look,” a look back at Herald of Randolph photographer Bob Eddy’s work.

Jennifer Hauck, left, and Geoff Hansen. (Valley News photographs)

A roundup of headlines about the proliferation of dead squirrels this year

New Hampshire squirrels are dying under tires at an unusually high rate because of a bumper crop of acorns, sparking an unofficial headline-writing contest.

SQUIRREL. (Stock photo)


It’s a Banner Year for Rodent Roadkill. Here’s Why.

Union Leader:

It’s become a rocky road for squirrels


Yes, there have been a lot of dead squirrels on NH roads

Granite Geek:

From fruit thieves to road kill, those $%^#! squirrels are everywhere

So yeah, that’s what we know so far. Good luck out there, buddies.

p.s. Can you do better? Let us know in the comments.


The Valley News plays it straight.

Reporter life, as shown in an image outside the courthouse where Manafort was found guilty of 8 charges

From the Valley News website, reported via the Associated Press:

Paul Manafort, the longtime political operative who for months led Donald Trump’s winning presidential campaign, was found guilty of eight financial crimes this afternoon in the first trial victory of the special counsel investigation into the president’s associates. A judge declared a mistrial on 10 other counts the jury could not agree on.


The verdict was part a stunning one-two punch of bad news for the White House, coming as the president’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was pleading guilty in New York as part of a separate deal with prosecutors.

Read more.

A member of the media runs with results outside of federal court as jury deliberations are announced in the trial of Paul Manafort, the former Donald Trump campaign chairman, in Alexandria, Va., Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

#FreePress: Led by the Boston Globe, the Valley News is among some 350 newspapers across the country responding to Trump’s ‘scurrilous attacks on journalists and journalism’

The Valley News in West Lebanon, N.H.

Please, please, please, read the whole Valley News editorial; not just the headline, not just the tweet and not just the first three grafs, which I have copied and pasted below: 

For many years it has been the general practice here at the Valley News not to respond in kind to critics of our coverage, even when the paper’s motives and good faith are questioned. The working theory is that journalists are not and should not be in the business of getting into public arguments; that we expect public figures to have a thick hide, and it is unbecoming to display a thin skin when they push back; and, most of all, that our coverage rises or falls on its own merits, as determined by the readers we serve, not on the opinion of those whom we cover.


And while the Valley News publishes the work of other news organizations, it does not assist in the planning or preparation of those stories and generally avoids coordinating its efforts in any way with other media outlets, except occasionally in sharing the costs of mounting expensive court challenges. The reasoning is that the public interest is best served when independent news organizations pursue their own priorities, projects and interests, thus providing a wide range of news and opinion.


Today, we depart from these customary stances, albeit reluctantly, to answer The Boston Globe’s call for newspapers across the country to respond to President Donald Trump’s scurrilous attacks on journalists and journalism.

(Full disclosure: I am a member of the Valley News editorial board.)

You can read the editorial from The Boston Globe, who led the call for editorials, at this link. That page also includes a collection of editorials from around the country; the list is being updated throughout the day.

Other papers who penned editorials published today include two of our sister papers, The Concord Monitor and the Daily Hampshire Gazette, of Northampton, Mass., and at least two Vermont newspapers: the Hardwick Gazette and The Commons, of Brattleboro.

You can also check out the #FreePress hashtag on Twitter.

Not everybody is participating. The Los Angeles Times editorial board wrote that their decision to abstain “is not because we don’t believe that President Trump has been engaged in a cynical, demagogic and unfair assault on our industry. He has, and we have written about it on numerous occasions.”

But, the board said, it “decided not to write about the subject on this particular Thursday because we cherish our independence.”

And here’s another perspective from Al Tompkins, The Poynter Institute’s senior faculty for broadcasting and online.