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Sasha Velour on the cover of Time Out New York

The Upper Valley’s own award-winning drag queen is a cover girl!

Start your Thursday with some body positivity from Nancy The Girl

Nancy gave us these killer quotes in our April 7 story about drag queen Sasha Velour, who went on to win RuPaul’s Drag Race:

In a phone interview, (Nancy Heyl), who met Steinberg while she was working at Revolution, said that Steinberg’s roots in drag go back to childhood, when he wore heels while playing dress-up.


But Heyl, a White River Junction resident, said she was there when Steinberg decided that drag was his calling and encouraged him to wear as many sequins and feathers as possible.


The influence goes both ways, she said.


“I would call him a feminist through and through,” Heyl said. “Through his drag he helped me appreciate myself more. How he honors women really helped me to honor myself. He’s a drag queen with a lot of heart … It was really under his tutelage that I felt I was able to find my own fabulousness.”


Heyl, who started designing costumes while employed at Revolution, also works as a stylist. Her work also has roots in childhood when she dressed up her Barbies in different outfits. She said she enjoys sculpting a look to suit the individual.


“I really love matching people with clothes that make them feel awesome,” she said. “Feeling (Velour) make these clothes live really makes my heart soar.”

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