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We’re always hearing about what is getting taken out of time capsules; how about what to put into one?

^ That’s what I’m going with as a dramatic representation of a time capsule. 

New London Hospital is taking suggestions.

From its Facebook page:

As part of our centennial celebrations we’re burying a time capsule at the hospital and we need your suggestions on what to put in it!
Post your ideas (in the Facebook comments) or email us at community.relations@newlondonhospital.org.


Current items include: a schedule from this year’s Hospital Days, medal from the Triathlon and program from the January kick-off celebration.

Of course, as you are well aware, I am a dedicated member of the time capsule beat at the VN, having covered openings in Lebanon and South Royalton.

New London & Sutton fire departments rescue 38-year-old horse stuck in brook

Horse Tom, who had been missing since Wednesday evening, was discovered stuck three to four feet deep in a brook on Thursday. The New London and Sutton (N.H.) fire departments used a mini excavator to both sling the 38-year-old horse and to stabilize him once he was out.

Read about the whole thing on the New London Fire Department’s Facebook page.

New London Fire Department photograph.