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Introducing Buster the dog, the newbie at Riverview Farm

A couple weeks ago, we posted about the passing of Max and Lilly, two wonderful dogs who had made Plainfield’s Riverview Farm their home.

Well, over the weekend they introduced the latest addition to the Riverview family: Buster!

Photo courtesy Riverview Farm.

From a post on the Riverview Farm Facebook page:

After the devastating loss of two unforgettable dogs, this guy snuck into our lives. Amy just adopted Buster from Brooklyn and he seems to be settling in quite well. He hung out all afternoon while we did our wreath workshop. We’re sure the wood stove might have had something to do with that.

And in a Facebook message this afternoon, they added some big news … MORE DOGS!

Stay tuned as there are plans for a malamute sister later this winter! Buster is a total love and has brought some much needed joy to the farm!

Awwwww. So sweet. Welcome home, Buster! And can’t wait to meet your new sister.

Riverview Farm says goodbye to another loyal dog

Max. Photo montage courtesy Riverview Farm.


Just one day after paying tribute to sweet senior pup Lilly, who died after a long life as the farm’s first farm dog, Riverview Farm has let visitors know that another fixture at the farm has passed away: Maximus, aka Max, the big ol’ Malamute who was Lilly’s righthand man.

I mentioned that I saw Lilly on a trip to the farm last week, and Max was there too. Here he is with my partner Chico:

Maggie Cassidy photo.

Count us among the many who will miss seeing Max and Lilly on trips to the farm, and who are keeping their family and the Riverview crew in our thoughts.

At the Riverview Farm Facebook page, you may see the original tributes and share your condolences regarding Lilly’s passing here and Max’s here.

Max, at left, and Lilly. Photo courtesy Riverview Farm.


Riverview Farm in Plainfield pays tribute to Lilly, ‘the best farm dog that ever lived’

Lilly, one of the farm dogs at Riverview Farm in Plainfield, N.H., recently passed away. Her family penned a tribute to her on Facebook. (Photo courtesy Riverview Farm.)

Via Riverview Farm on Facebook:

I did not know Lilly well, but enjoyed seeing her several times over the years during visits to Riverview Farm for pick-your-own apples, pumpkins, raspberries, blueberries and flowers, just as I’m sure many hundreds of other folks did.

Just last week, she was sitting on the front steps of the check-out building, soaking in the sun on a warm and quiet afternoon, and even showed she was the boss to a buzzy little bee who entered her airspace. 🙂

She was always a wonderful ambassador for the farm, and I’m sure there are many visitors who will miss seeing her.

Deep condolences to her family, and thank you for letting us share your tribute and photos.

You may share your condolences and see more photos of Lilly, including her beloved doughnuts, at Riverview’s original post here.


(Photo courtesy Riverview Farm.)

(Photo courtesy Riverview Farm.)